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Hi guys,

Hope you’re having a great weekend. I started mine off  with a delicious brunch at Ffiona’s with a group of bloggers from all around the world. We had such a fun meeting talking about our careers,plans, trips, patient partners and friends behind the camera and all that inspired me to write a blog post about what I struggle with the most as a blogger and all real stories behind all that I am doing.

First of all- as many of you ask- I am not a full time blogger yet (even though it feels like a real full time job already!) I have a full time job as Social Media Coordinator. Many of you ask why I am still working full time. Is it because I don’t make enough money from the blog? Or because I am scared of change? Is it because I just don’t want it to be a full time job? The answer may be a little bit surprising- it’s simply because I like my job! I know it may sound a bit weird, but I do respect position I am at. I was fighting for this job for very long time and done all I could to get it. I am finally doing what I love and it’s extremely important to me. I used to have a job that I hated so much that every morning I was waking up with the thought that I don’t wanna go to work. Nothing was making me more sad and frustrating. And one day, I finally found the courage to quit and promised myself I won’t ever stuck at the job I hate again. As now I have a job I enjoy doing, I will try to do both for as long as I can.

However I am not going to lie- it’s extremely hard to work full time and run my own business. So my main struggle as a blogger is time. Since I think November, I’ve been working crazy amount of hours to make it all work. What my week really looks like? When do I shoot campaigns and content?  If you’ve ever seen a blonde girl rushing around South Kensington and Portobello with a bouquet of flowers, balloons, suitcase (clothes and shoes to change if I need to shoot few outfits) and a tired looking boyfriend or a friend at 7 am in the morning – yes- more likely you’ve seen The Blonde Flamingo. I always have to shoot campaigns before going to work – plus I always have to beg my boyfriend or a friend to wake up with me and take my photos (omg I know it sounds mad!) I am always on a run, even though I have my shooting locations planned in advance. So many times the locations I planned to shoot at are still closed- this is when I start panicking and nervously looking for another pretty spot. I know it may sound funny but it really stresses me out when I know I only have an hour or two to get it done. After the shoot I am running to work. I am editing and responding to my emails on my lunch break. After work I am running home or to the cafe to finish editing, to write captions, plan trips, book tickets, plan outfits and locations for the next day. Most of the days the only “time off “I have is watching a movie with my boyfriend but most of the times I don’t last until the end of it as I am too tired. Why am I not doing that all in the weekend? The answer is simple- it wouldn’t be enough time. I need to spread the shoots between the days to not get mental ( well, to be honest I get mental most of the times anyway haha!) Also- the crowds! Shooting at the cute cafes is simply impossible in the weekend- if I had to wait 2 hours to sit down at Elan Cafe to take one photo or wait for people to move out of my shot (perfect example is my favourite pink spot- Peggy Porshen) I would never ever get my work done!

Second struggle I have as a London based blogger is the weather. Those of you who were following me for a long time already know my colourful and cheerful editing style. I never struggle that much with creating content during my tropical travels- this is actually when I get super creative. It’s warm, sunny and magical. My head is exploding with ideas and set ups. The real struggle started when I came back to London and I realised that because of work I would need to be here for a while. I’ll be honest with you- I didn’t know where to start. Most of the times I had to push myself to get out of bed at 5.30/6am to get ready for a 7am shoot. Couple of months ago it was still dark at this time so I had to wait for first ray of sunlight to take a photo. Now it’s a little bit easier as days are getting longer, but it’s still freezing! Last weekend I was shooting campaigns in a total blizzard (I just LOOOVE deadlines!) and I was changing my outfits and warming up in the phone box hahaha ( I swear- this Instagram story had the biggest amount of views ever!) but seriously speaking- I’ve been so cold and so sick in the last few months because of all that. I can’t wait for the spring to finally arrive and make my work at least a little bit easier!

Another thing I am struggling with is finding the balance. Last few months all I was really doing was working, working and working. And all I can think of and talk about is work. This had a negative impact on my relationships. I’ve just been so busy! And I know it’s not really easy to be my partner right now. Building all that takes so much of my time and it’s something I think of 24/7. I am constantly reading, learning, researching, analysing, negotiating, planning and organising. Sometimes I get really stressed, down and tired and think of giving up as I know my lifestyle at the moment is not healthy but I promised to myself I’ll start working on it and look after my health and my family and friends better. I am so blessed I have them on my side!

Another problem is lack of real time off.  Since I’ve started to think of this blog more seriously, I’ve been devoting almost all my holidays allowance to building the content. I barely go home to see my family as I simply don’t have enough days to do so. The press trips are not really flexible dates wise so many times I had to decline because of not having enough holidays left ( always crying after that I swear! ) If I manage to make it, I work on every single trip that others call a “holiday” or my favourite comment a “free holiday” – nothing comes free and bloggers work days and nights to pay off the complimentary accommodation or trip they’ve been invited to. So may times my friends and colleagues were asking why am I so pale (after a tropical trip)- the answer is simple- I wasn’t on holidays! I went on a work trip!  At the beginning it wasn’t bothering me, but as now also being in London is so intense with work and shoots I started to dream of a trip or retreat that I could completely switch off. Turn off my phone, forget about Instagram, photos and simply lie down on a sun bed and do absolutely nothing for at least couple of days. I promised to my boyfriend we’ll do it this year- we both need it now more than ever.

And the last struggle – lack of space. Since I’ve became a blogger, I had a chance to work with a lot of amazing brands and designers so I became a lucky owner of so many beautiful clothes, bikinis, shoes, bags, accessories and cosmetics. Now, after not even a year our apartment (that we only moved to last year in May and it felt so spacious) is simply too small. I can barely close my wardrobe. My dressing table is totally full. The amount of shoes I have its simply unbelievable- I never though I’ll have so many pairs at this age ( but I am not going to lie it’s always been a dream of mine as I looove shoes!) so because of me and my business we have to change apartment for bigger. Isn’t that insane?

What do you struggle the most as a blogger?


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